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Another term for antiqued or “worn” leather
Drum Dying
An effective method of allowing maximum dye penetration. This is a process of coloring leather by tumbling it in a rotating drum immersed in dye.
Embossed Leather
Used, for example, to create the look of imitation alligator. Leather that has been "stamped" with a design or artificial texture under very high pressure.
Any enhancing effect applied to leather after it has been tanned. Examples are dyeing, embossing, buffing, antiquing, waxing, waterproofing, and so on.
Glazed Leather
Aniline-dyed leather which has been polished to a high luster by passing through glass under extreme pressure or steel rollers.
Glove Leather
A very, soft leather typically used for gloves. Lambskin as example
A word used to describe the natural characteristics of an unprocessed hide, such as its pores, mosquito bites, wrinkles, markings, and texture.
A word used to describe the softness and feel of the leather, typically upholstery leather.
Describes a direction with a soft, "tactile" effect achieved in leather by buffing or brushing.
Oil Tanned
The tanning of leather using oils to create a very pliable soft, finish.
The luster and aged aura that develops in a quality piece of leather as time passes.
A pattern of small holes is stamped into the leather.
A second finish added over an underlying tanning.
A coloring effect created by blending two similar dyes to create a variation of mottling and marbleized appearance.
Side Leather
This term typically refers to the leather made from one half, of a full hide. This typically refers to leather’s whose outermost layers have been left intact.
Split Leather
This term is for leather that is typically used for suede, and is more fragile than the side or full-grain leather; which is made from the inner or flesh side layers of a hide that have been split away from the upper, or grain, layers.
Split leather that has been brushed buffed and to create a fuzzy feeling, and nap to the surface.
Vegetable Tanning
A method of hide tanning which uses organic materials such as plants and tree bark, instead of the traditional chemicals. Vegetable tanning and natural dyeing is being used more and more each day.
Whole Hide
Refers to leather created using a full hide, as opposed to a side, and typically intended for use as upholstery leather. Hides vary in weight and size, and are offered to our customers by the square foot, for reupholstering of an existing piece in a customer’s home; some of our customers use the hides for wall hangings, and window treatments. Full hides vary in size and color variations, and we suggest when possible, ordering the hides, for extra fabric at the time when you place your order. All mfg’s price their hides differently, and all priced will be quoted at the time of order.