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From renovating, and designing kitchens, bathrooms among other living spaces . …Robin and her team of contractors will complete the room of your dreams….

DCW“Its not all about just picking colors for the walls, and fabrics…..its not just about the design, and placement of furniture, area rugs and artwork …it’s the fact that we have no middle man….We are straight thru the manufacturers…Our volume brings us market share in the home furnishings industry...I know you’ll find this hard to believe….but our customers save money when they shop with us”

Robin Boyce, creates for her clients a space that emulates his or her expectations of what the area should look and feel like. She prides herself on listening to her client’s needs, wants and budgetary demands….Besides her great taste…Her attention to detail, and determination to finishing a job, on time, keeps her one of the busiest Interior Designers in New England all year round. Opening her first retail store in 1977 in Framingham, Massachusetts; 30 years later Robin has the reputation as one of the top business women in the area…..She specializes in directing clients to educate themselves on the interior design process, and helps them translate their dreams and personality into their home or office settings. Design Center West is unique in its approach in that we let the room, and the client guide us through the design process. The designers at do not impose their personal preferences upon the space.


An Interior Designer, known for her Flair, good taste, and the completion of the perfect project


The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as to how the process begins with our Design Center West.

First question we ask is what are the client's needs for the room they are about to design and decorate. After the designer helps the client comes up with a style at the showroom. The research is the next step. Pictures of other projects….looking through magazines, catalogues, and window shopping so designer can start to visualize the room. The designer will walk with you through the house and look for existing furniture pieces that can be used in the new project. This helps begin to create a budget.

Design Center West prides itself on using some of the same subcontractors for over 25 years. A full team of licensed professionals; carpenters, plumbers, electricians, stone and tile masons, painters, carpet installers among others are contacted to make sure everything is planned and priced out. Each artisan comes with specific qualifications, and all have a different forte. All of this thus far is done on an hourly consultation basis and billed out at $75.00 per hour; requisitioned on a weekly basis. Floor plans, sketches, fabric selections, painting techniques, carpets, area rugs, appliances, lighting fixtures…are then selected to prepare for the final meeting and presentation with the clients, These sketches of the room may be hand drawn or computer generated. Wall colors, furniture pieces, accessories and flooring choices, will all be included for the presentation; including a ¼”scaled plan. From there and based on the clients final approval…an estimated time for the project can be calculated. No job is to small…. And to date…No job has been too big.

Clients always have the final say on the project, It’s your space not ours that we are helping to beautify.

When the project is started, our job is not done. We will stop by frequently to see how everything is going. Every change of order is signed off on. If something isn't right, (usually we don’t get to that point), we take responsibility and we fix it, and it is corrected immediately.

So now ask the question…..

Why in the world do we need interior designers? Most of us lead high paced lives, and do you really have the time or the expertise to handle the project on your own?” We will save you time, we will prevent costly, time consuming mistakes.

What makes us so different than other Interior Designers..

30 years of experience, Buying furniture and fabrics, and all products direct from manufacturers, and passing on the savings to you. Robin always tells clients…..”you are not our Guinea Pig, we have probably done it before, maybe in a different color, style or size, we don’t have to practice on your home.”


How do I get started?
Call us at 508-872-9709.